The Uranus in Cancer in the natal chart generations are radical about home and family. Uranus Conjunct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Ascendant. Your behavior tends to be more spontaneous, and perhaps a little rebellious. Its shadow side rules self-pity, a feeling of being victimized by life, passivity, and elusiveness. Unlike Saturn, however, Uranus tends to produce a sassy independence and the process usually involves a rejection of what, hitherto, had been accepted without question. You may be easily bored or distracted when it comes to traditional mental pursuits during this cycle. Uranus transits the 9th house The 9 th house rules religion, travel, and higher learning. Transiting Uranus acts to awaken and to make us aware of our feelings of being restricted and constricted. – Planetary Positions Calculations/Report. At the beginning of this transit, I became an empty-nester, suddenly and unexpectedly. Rather, Pisces sees all the colors of the rainbow. The ninth house is a fire house, traditionally connected with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. How to Predict Your Future: Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology. wondering about the great questions of life. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Alienating those close to you may occur now if you’re not careful. New Moon Chart: February 11, 2021, in Aquarius. Uranus in the 9th House. Uranus in the ninth house personality think traditional values are too conservative and are always looking for new beliefs and morals to study. Uranus here helps release you from unconscious habit patterns, perhaps stirring up your private life, and interjecting some unusual coincidences into your life. With a Pluto-Ceres sextile today, there may be a breakthrough in a love relationship or a more profound understanding/connection with someone we care about. New beginnings regarding any or all of these matters are possible now. The 9th house is where you form your concepts of God and Universal Law. We are humble, and with increased realism, we can pursue our goals with an increased chance of success. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now. You could become known for an unusual or unconventional approach to your profession. Make sure to share it with your friends who enjoy learning astrology! Some trial and error in relationships is par for the course with Uranus in this sector of your chart. People we relied on may seem less reliable at this time. People with their natal Uranus in ninth house usually like ideas such as socialism. This placement can make you nervous and reckless, especially if Gemini is strong in your birth chart. We want to sort and analyze issues now. Therefore, Uranus in the 9th house makes you more aware of larger social issues, and you push for broadmindedness and understanding. You could consider pursuing or completing an advanced degree. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. However, we may not have all the facts necessary to come to a definite conclusion, and we might later have to revise plans or decisions. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Transit Uranus Conjunct Saturn You have a powerful need for change now, but may not be aware of this need on a conscious level. Wie man selbst den Uranus-Transit empfindet, hängt ganz von der Lebenseinstellung ab: Wer schon lange den Wechsel herbeisehnt, dem fallen nun plötzlich die geeigneten Chancen zu. The Moon continues to transit Sagittarius to 3:17 PM EST, sparking a desire to learn and discover. Uranus Transits Through Your Ninth House: The 9th House rules higher education and long journeys, religion and philosophy. Events occur that cut you from past habits and attachments. It takes approximately seven years for Uranus to transit a house in your natal chart. Our feelings and interactions. Transit Uranus in 9th House You will have a great opportunity to expand your awareness and insights into the world around you. It is possible to meet mentors at this time who offer revolutionary insights that change your belief system. This position could also indicate a period of uncertainty surrounding your intimate relationships, and/or some experimentation with your sexuality. People with a prominent Uranus are often ahead of their time, what can make you lonely and an outcast. You see the world in a different way than most people. Adjusting our plans may be in order, and striking a balance between convention and innovation is the challenge. Uranus also correlates with the need to expand … Your hobbies can be out of the ordinary, and so can your relationships with children and lovers, depending on how this cycle is affecting you. Uranus in ninth house in some cases indicates that higher education is not without any conflict. Uranus in ninth house people have unorthodox views (more on this in the next chapter). Here you assembly the pieces of information gathered in the third house and gain perspective. Uranus affects your friendships and enlivens your social circle. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or for worse! With the goddess of love. Casual love affairs that have grown stale may be left behind now. During this cycle, your career direction begins to change and your relationships with authority figures could sometimes be tense. New Moon Chart: February 11. Yet, we are not satisfied when we conform. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to come full circle. She listened to talk radio shows about … This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Uranus in the ninth house is a very political placement. Ideally, we can find creative ways to satisfy these diverging needs, perhaps by giving form to our ideals and quest for progress. It’s possible that you move house, but even if you don’t, there could be some disruptions to your domestic routine or erratic elements on the home front that you need to deal with now. The stance is more likely to be one of … People who have several planets in the ninth house are open-minded, tolerant, love to travel and go on new adventures. Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although hard to reach nevertheless, as there is a longing for something that is hard to define and hard to satisfy. If mishandled, we may act in inconsiderate and brusque ways. You are more inspired throughout this transit, and your personality fairly bubbles with bursts of enthusiasm. You are also inclined to take a few more risks with your finances, or unusual ways of making money could be in place during this cycle. Uranus Transits Uranus Transits Interpretations. Uranus dislikes tradition, and when it is placed in the ninth house, you have modern views that can be sometimes shocking to your family. As such, there may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations or past conditioning patterns. You are making breaks from elements from your past that have limited your freedom or that have kept you from expressing your individuality. You often have a deep connection to ancestral ties and the experiences your ancestors went through. Mercury first turned retrograde on January 30th at 26° Aquarius 29′. You’re also likely to encounter knowledge that will make you question many of your beliefs and it’s possible that one or more of them may undergo a … When Saturn transits through your ninth house, the themes that will stand out in this period are: history, religion, law and philosophy. You definitely feel the need for action, but if you don’t know where you’re headed, you might take the wrong turn. Because it spends approximately seven years in each zodiac sign, its position by houses is more important on a personal level than by signs. You tend to question the status quo and you except what society tells you only if it makes sense to you. Uranus surprises, jolts, and stimulates. What are some of the main characteristics of this position of Uranus in the natal chart? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 1st: on February 17th, 2021, at 7° Aquarius 14′ (first), 2nd: on June 14th, 2021, at 13° Aquarius 07’Rx, 3rd: on December 24th, 2021, at 11° Aquarius 05’ (final), 18feb5:43 amSun enters PiscesPlanetary Ingress5:43 am EST Event Type :Planetary Ingress. You can study something new, but may not dedicate yourself to it for very long. We are less motivated to do than we are to feel. Rules and limitations can feel more challenging to tolerate, but without some lines drawn, life feels too chaotic. Uranus also correlates with the … You can change your beliefs suddenly, attracted to … We have a strong sense of both tradition and innovation. Uranus is a generational planet in astrology. This is the first in a set of three. But if you learn to integrate this planet properly, it can make you a brilliant innovator. If you have your natal Uranus in ninth house, this article is for you. Besides the lights, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are also in Aquarius. Some of you may find your current partnership limiting and you could either end it or experience tension as you explore ways to break free from restriction. This whole process acts to slowly but surely detach you from the past in preparation for Uranus’ entrance into your first house. Changes in the image you project to others, and perhaps your personal style and appearance, take place during this cycle. When Mars transits through your ninth house, you may go on a trip because you feel the need for action and adventure. This transit can also bring job changes or new, innovative ways of working. Turn the channel on what you believe. While you shouldn’t resist change now, you should avoid completely impulsive behavior. You have a strong ability to see each person for who they are as unique individuals, and this helps endear you to others. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Free associate Uranus, with Aries and the House its transiting (Look for Zero degrees Aries in your birth chart. In some cases there is active participation in the affairs of cultural, educational and political institutions. Uranus In 9th House: Positive Traits. You are likely to make changes in your life that break you out of your usual routines. Some of the activities of the ninth house in the natal chart include: The ninth house is the house of the abstract mind. You certainly don’t like to follow orders these days! You tend to question the status quo and you except what society tells you only if it makes sense to you. You would benefit greatly from yoga or other mind-body therapies now. You are adventurous and sometimes even work with foreign cultures. Some will find, for example, that their “secrets” or private life become exposed in some way, and thus need to deal with letting go of certain elements of their lives that are no longer private territory. Uranus doesn’t accept stagnation nor does it accept restriction. These changes are unlikely to be jarring or dramatic–quite the contrary! Your beliefs probably don’t gel with anyone else’s, but your belief system works for you. Mercury is retrograde, and communications can very quickly go the wrong way. You are restless with routines, and tend to answer to your own internal rhythm rather than paying attention to society’s (and nature’s!) Unless Uranus in the ninth house is very afflicted, you are open-minded and believe in the freedom of speech. The natural house of Jupiter, the ninth house is all about finding meaning and seeing the bigger picture. Where you find it in the birth chart is where you rebel. This year and in the years ahead, you are  moving towards a fresh approach to how you approach your work and the daily details of your life. Over the next few years, your value system will shift and change. Your working hours may become non-traditional, or you might be moving towards a more unconventional job. Foreign travel stimulates you and you often travel on the spur of the moment. If you’re in the tech industry, you could experience a major upgrade to your career. This is a time when you free yourself of personal inhibitions that may have been part of your life in the past. Ups and downs may lead to new commitments. If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, unusual, eye-opening experiences may be in store for you. When you get started with a change, you may go too far with it at times, and need to try and get some control over it. New opportunities to express yourself, particularly through speaking and writing, can suddenly enter your life. It feels good to break out of your shell a little and to take a few healthy risks. 08febOverview of the DayFebruary 8, 2021Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: monday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview. I’ve got a pretty good hack on this. Change your opinion. There can be elevated frustrations related to differences in opinion that feel more problematic than usual, blocking progress or leading to delays. The best advice for increasing your earning power now is to nurture your latent inventive, progressive, or future-oriented talents. Change stuck beliefs. And with a long transit like this, Uranus could begin in one House (in the birth chart) and end in another. You also tend to rebel against the norm in the corresponding life areas. Uranus transiting here can give wanderlust, a desire to go to unusual places off the beaten track. The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:17 PM, after which time we’re more clear-headed and focused on our practical priorities or ambitions. If you want to learn more about Uranus, make sure to read this article that covers Uranus in astrology. When Uranus transits through your ninth house, there will be great events that will awaken you to a certain aspect of your thinking that, in some way, is not valid and requires a readjustment, and this is the perfect moment to discover and change it without great difficulties. Transit Mars in 9th House. Outdated attitudes are discarded in favor of those that are conducive to growth. This phase of the Moon occurs at 23 degrees and 17 minutes of Aquarius, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 19 to 27 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) most significantly. When Uranus is in the ninth house in a birth chart, it is in the house of philosophy, higher education, spirituality, travel. There may be a trend towards Uranus-ruled areas as the major source of income in your life, such as through new technologies, science, computers, the Internet, or metaphysics. This is an excellent resource for outer planet transits: Jupiter through Pluto. Exposure to new ideas open up new worlds to you. You are drawn to people who are free-spirited at this point in your life. You are more attracted to unusual ideas, fields, and concepts. 1st: on February 9th, 2021, at 6° Aquarius 16′ (first), 2nd: on June 24th, 2021, at 12° Aquarius 44’Rx, 3rd: on November 26th, 2021, at 8° Aquarius 40’ (final), 11feb2:06 pmNew Moon on February 11, 2021in Aquarius2:06 pm EST Event Type :Lunations. Borders and boundaries blur under Venus in Pisces. It could also interfere with your own pursuit of pleasure, if the pleasure you seek or the hobbies you involve yourself in require extra money to spend. Uranus in ninth house people have unorthodox views (more on this in the next chapter). Pisces never sees the world in black-and-white terms. Disruptive relationships with foreigners. The morning’s Mercury-Chiron semi-square challenges us to communicate with more sensitivity. If Uranus is in your 9th House If you have the rebel planet in the ninth House of travel, philosophy, higher learning and law, and order (ruled by Sagittarius energy) your ideas are likely you be original, unorthodox and vehemently opposing the traditions and conventions of … It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation, but also the chance to invent. Difficulties finding my true path. It is a very interesting time for travel or to get in touch … … You may also find that unexpected twists in your life story impact your career and reputation. Sun enters Pisces The planet Uranus was discovered only in 1781, and it was not used in astrology until then. Thanks to this mental flexibility, you will be attracted to stimulating and new ways of thinking and radical and innovative solutions to social problems. As Uranus transits your solar 9th house, you’re likely to have opportunities for long distance travel and some of them may come up suddenly. Uranus frees us from thinking inside the box, and offers us opportunities for reaching out and trying something completely new. Uranus conjunct the Midheaven can be a career indicator, too. With this. Actually, its discovery overlaps with the French Revolution! A transit of Uranus to the 9th House upturns a person’s belief system. Uranus in ninth house people get bored quickly. We begin looking at problems or issues from a new perspective and with a new understanding. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters. With Uranus in the ninth house, you prefer to have your own beliefs or you often abandon the religion of your family and find another one. All of these new experiences paint a unique picture that eventually becomes part of your personality. There may be a challenge or struggle as values and tastes clash, or we can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. The Sun forms a trine to the North Node of the Moon, encouraging us to aspire to our goals, rise to a challenge, and grow and improve. Uranus transit in the 6th house: Technology at work is one of the ways Uranus shows up in the 6th house. Saturn at 6° Aquarius 16’ forms a sextile with Chiron at 6° Aries 16' on February 9th, 2021. You may also adopt unconventional approaches to … You will need to be flexible as you become stimulated by learning new things and exploring ideas. Reply ↓ Zoe July 18, 2018 at 10:58 pm. 09feb6:00 amSaturn sextile ChironPlanetary Aspect6:00 am EST Event Type :Planetary Aspect, Saturn sextile Chiron You always need something new to think about. Saturn at 6° Aquarius 16’ forms a sextile with Chiron at 6° Aries 16′ on February 9th, 2021. Here are some freely associated interpretations to get your higher mind (Uranus… Do your best to avoid impulsive decision-making that is built upon your desire to be a free spirit. The ninth house is also the house of spirituality. Planets in the ninth house indicate that you love learning and gaining new experiences. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sudden and unexpected travels will result in … There could be some ambiguities or unexpected happenings surrounding money that is part of your life but that doesn’t come from your own earnings or income. Saturn at 7° Aquarius 14’ forms a square with Uranus at 7° Taurus 14' on February 17th, 2021. You may also adopt unconventional approaches to religion or politics. To a lesser extent, Aquarius on the cusp of the ninth house is somewhat similar to having Uranus here. The shadow side of this position is allowing ourselves to be victimized or deluded, as well as evasiveness. There will be a practical approach to education and to learning new things. However, on average, Uranus transits a house for approximately 7 years. Sometimes people with this placement drop out of college. If you liked this article, look up the rest of your placements, too! In the birth chart, Uranus shows where you rebel. Uranus is the planet of freedom and originality in astrology.