Freedom of expression is deeply important to you now. This is the evolutionary process where the OLD gives way NEW. World transits are long in the making and slow to unravel. At the beginning of its transit through the first house, Uranus is conjunct your Ascendant, marking a time of monumental changes to your outlook on life and the manner in which you project yourself to others. This challenging alignment makes three exact passages in 2021: February 17, June 14 and December 24. Aries-Uranus is transiting the 2nd house of values, possessions, and finances. The planet Uranus symbolizing the urge to be free at any cost is touching your very core during this transit. You may be faced with a backlash for stirring up controversy now. pluto 10/7H axis and father at transit uranus square transit moon 2020 same as above 8/11H axis. When Uranus transits through your seventh house, the unusual is combined with the unexpected. These transits bring dramatic rebellion against authority and the status quo. The Uranus opposition coincides with a transit over my natal sun. Uranus is most definitely afoot. As Uranus transits Taurus is having spectacular effects. Anunease may have been building but you only suddenly become aware of it now during Uranus agitating your Sun. Your values could change drastically. But don’t be fooled. The dominant transit for 2021 is a waning square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects, it can provoke revolutionary attitudes at work, accidents, sudden illnesses, nervousness, and irregular behavior. Often there’s a career change, leaving relationships for new exciting ones, or moving. It is a very confusing time, during which it is very possible that you get carried away by an idea that controls your life, or that you think is the most real thing you have found. * However, the defining influence of 2021 is this one: the Saturn/Uranus square. Uranus in Taurus for Each Sign The following is an overview of how transiting Uranus will impact each zodiac sign. When transit Uranus is square your natal Sun, unpredictable changes and sudden situations will make it impossible to stay in the same position as before. In July Uranus will begin to square my mars on and off before the big bang : the Uranus opposition. Transit Uranus Square Ascendant The transit of Uranus square your natal Ascendant becomes quite annoying and destructive to your intimate and professional relationships. For a comprehensive view of how this transit will impact you, please read for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Astrologically we’re not done with 2020 yet; the orb of its unprecedented three conjunctions stretches throughout the year. Natal sun and Uranus are partile opposites….. who knows what can be expected of this transiting conjunction at such an auspicious time. So, let’s get back to the planet in question, Uranus, the planet that upends the world like no other. Looks like death is an emerging theme rather than submerging. Unexpected changes and dramatic circumstances can bring out your desire to rebel and pursue your individual desires regardless of the status quo. With Uranus transits Taurus it’s suddenly way out there and is shaking the foundations (what’s left of them) of a nation already in the grip of revolution. A new world dawned in 2020. Transit Uranus Square Sun. Transit Uranus in 7th House. Life questions your objectives to see if you expresses your individualism and unique personal sense. The transit of Uranus square your natal Neptune can be a severe test of your connection with reality. Transit Uranus Square Neptune. Transiting Uranus square natal Lilith. Uranus Transits to the Houses Uranus Transits the First House. Saturn Square Uranus 2021. Lost my mom at transit uranus (conj natal sun) square tr.