161/6 Leichter Flakpanzer IV 3 cm „Kugelblitz”. class=Panzer IV|Flakpanzer IV|Flak 43 3,7cm|Flak 3,7cm , Used by: 6180. 11,50 EUR + livraison . . 25.09.2019 - Erkunde Florians Pinnwand „Flakpanzer“ auf Pinterest. Discover (and save!) * ï½¥ 。゚, Sadly wasn't able to get it yet... Edit: also this book seems to contain good info: "Der Weg zum Flak-Panzer Gepard. It was introduced in Update 1.47 "Big Guns". And back to topic: Wow! URSS USA Royaume-Uni France Chine Japon Suède Pologne Tchécoslovaquie Italie Yougoslavie Israël Suisse Commonwealth Mondial Hongrie Roumanie ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪, My other panzer is a Tiger, my other other panzer is a Mercedes. Tourelle rotative # 2 de char de combat de l'armée réaliste moulé sous . It entered protoype phase in 1945 with either one or two build and tested before the end of the war. Both HE/M and APCR rounds were available for the MK 103. Une chance pour les aviateurs alliés, car le MK. As a further development from the 20 mm Flakvierling armed Wirbelwind, 2 prototypes were constructed of a Flakpanzer IV armed with the 30 mm Flakvierling 103/38. Markenzwieback, December 10, 2014 in Passed for Consideration. Táto úprava niesla označenie Zerstörer 45 (Ničiteľ 45). Its the most quoted source I could find. Die geschichtliche Entwicklung der deutschen Flugabwehrpanzer." Three hours away for Uni and my topic gets swarmed. Nothing bad about it though! But yet again no open copy available on the web and dont want to purchase them atm. Regretting playing too much. your own Pins on Pinterest You sure that one prototype was build? Leur blindage léger et vulnérabilité étaient déplorables et les engins étaient des cibles de choix pour les Jabos et infanterie antichar ennemie. It is sometimes, incorrectly, referred to as the Gepard, which may lead to confusion with the unrelated Flakpanzer Gepard. Saved from wardrawings.be. German Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer (4x3 cm) AA Tank. As a big fan of self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles, this would probably be my favorite vehicle to use. Please log in and resubmit the post. Discover (and save!) 103 s predĺženou hlavňou z 1,61 m na 2,3 m) združené v počte 4 ks do protilietadlového kompletu 3 cm Flakvierling 103/38 nahradili 2 cm Flakvierling 38. Our budget for 2021 : 85.000,- CZK Income so far : 18.944,- CZK, Our web armedconflicts.com / valka.cz keeps looking for new colleagues, who are interested in military history and are willing to join our ranks, to help with content, coordination and control, administration tasks and other. Found some info about Zerstörer but all sources (forums mostly, half of them were russian so i had to use Google translator. Edit 2: one could also suggest the Ostwind II (again not sure if prototype already or still blueprint phase) with the 37mm Flak-Zwilling 44. It entered protoype phase in 1945 with either one or two build and tested before the end of the war. Le Flakpanzer 38(t) (ou SdKfz 140) est un char antiaérien allemand développé lors de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sur la base du Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) tchèque pour les besoins de la Wehrmacht.. Histoire. Both HE/M and APCR rounds were available for the MK 103. Okay now back to the technical stuff: what I would suggest for implementation in the game is the Flakpanzer IV "Zerstörer 45", which is a new design of self-propelled anti-air vehicle. And we had to share the rock! Autre variante, le Flakpanzer 38 (t) SdKfz 140 construit à 141 exemplaires sur châssis ausf M et L. Ils étaient équipés d'un canon anti-aérien de 20 mm Flak 30 ou un canon de 30 mm Flak 38. © 2021 by Gaijin Games Kft. Zerstörer 45. Will update if I find anything!). Maybe even quite "SoonTM"! Flakpanzer 38(t) auf Selbstfahrlafette 38(t) Ausf M (Sd Kfz 140) During the autumn of 1943, Hitler approved the development of a 3.7cm Flakpanzer IV, but refused permission for the construction of the already available 2cm Vierlings FlaK auf pz Kpfw IV (2cm Quadruple AA Mounting on AFV IV). Waiting for battleships. 12/1945 bola vo firme Ostbau Sagan dokončená úprava protilietadlového tanku Wirbelwind.Zmena nastala v použitej výzbroji, kde kanóny 3 cm Flak 103/38 (upravené M.K. Thats exactly why I want to get my hands on "Der Panzerkampfwagen IV und seine Abarten". Back in my day, we didn't have fancy tanks! This Flakpanzer being a straight upgrade from the "Wirbelwind" we already have in game, changing the size of the turret slightly and adding a quad-30mm Mk103/38 weapon station instead of the quad-20mm on the previous model. Fiche du Char : FlakPz IV Zerstörer 45. The Flakpanzer 38, 2 cm, Pz.Fgst.38 (t) Sf., officially named Flakpanzer 38(t) auf Selbstfahrlafette 38(t) Ausf M (Sd.Kfz. Firing rate was 380 (HE/M) to 420 (APCR) rounds per minute, per barrel. Muzzle velocity was 860-940 m/sec, paired with a high degree of accuracy. 140), is a rank I German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with a battle rating of 2.0 (AB/RB/SB). This vehicle was originally introduced as a main tree vehicle, however, as of Update 1.91 "Night Vision"it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it. Panzer divisions were especially affected by the lack of the air fighter cover as they were always at the center of the most intense fighting. put it in the game but no more HVAP ammo !!!! Please join us and help us create content for others as well as for ourselves :). Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer 45. Some time ago they implemented a new 1.0 BR Soviet "milk truck" with single 12mm MG and gave them a post war off-road AA-car at 3.0 BR, but they cant give Germans the Möbelwagen or Vickers Light Tank AA´s for the British? Only two prototype trial vehicles were produced. Trying to get my hands on "Der Panzerkampfwagen IV und seine Abarten" for further research. Since US heavy bombers will come lasers blazing soon,this beast of an AA will probably prove itself as very useful. The Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer 45 is a German prototype self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, developed from the Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind. The armor penetration for … Interesting vehicle, but useless for SB :dntknw: Now listen up! FlakPanzer E-50 Détails Catégorie : Entwicklung. :lol: Never realized before how much I needed this in life. Arbre en Jeu des Tanks Allemagne Allemagne . Maybe i was lost in translation) i checked said no prototype. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. Durch die immer größer werdende Gefahr durch alliierte Tiefflieger kam es im Jahr 1943 zu einer weiteren Entwicklung eines Flakpanzers. Als Fahrgestell wählte man das des Panzerkampfwagens 38 (t) und entwickelte darauf den Flakpanzer 38(t) auf Selbstfahrlafette 38(t) Ausf M (SdKfz 140). The Kugelblitz was also a prototype with only specuation as to whether it was actually used at all. Prédécesseurs. Remove HVAP ammo for all AA vehicles, at least thats my opinion. 10,00 EUR + livraison . especially in a suggestion thread where someone has put a lot of effort into making it. While the Germans already had copious amounts of half-tracked SPAA… ヽຈل͜ノ༼ຈ ༼ ᓄºل͟º ༽ᓄ Hence the armament, this would be a nice addition in German tier 4 ground forces being placed right after the Kugelblitz because it surpasses it in weaponry and firepower by the double. Yes it would be a prototype with only one every build in 1945 but isn't the Coelian one as well? Dec 28, 2017 - German Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer (4x3 cm) AA Tank. Almost anything related to: World War II, Cold War and Modern War. solido char combat car M-20. Saved by Alistair Mclean. Bei diesem Fahrzeug wurde eine 2-cm Flak 38, die auch zur Infanteriebekämpfung geeignet war, auf die speziell für Selbstfahrlafetten modifizierte Wanne der Ausführung M gesetzt. +1 You might want to hide the swastika from the first pic though. For those interested in the construction of the model 3cm Flakvierling 103/38 auf Panzer IV "Zerstörer 45" I would like to refer to the excellent web site, To be able to reply or start a new topic, please. This vehicle received the official designation SdKfz. © ISSN : 1803-4306 Only for personal use. your own Pins on Pinterest The ‘Zerstörer 45’ was consequently rejected, but the firepower of the four guns was immense: Rate of fire of a single MK 103 was 400 - 450 RPM, and the rounds carried three times as much explosive charge as a Soviet 37 mm round. Il a été décliné en quatre versions, Möbelwagen, Wirbelwind, Ostwind et Kugelblitz. When i found picture of quad mk103 (which you used in op) few months ago I immediately started looking if some vehicle was equiped with this. So you lose out on the covered turret of the Kugelblitz but get 2 extra MK 103s, sounds like a good deal to me. FlakPanzer E-50. Two stick and a rock for the entire platoon! Didn't expect so many comments already. Your going to be fighting heavy bombers soonTM, so this will be very useful. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. Ignoring the ZSU-57-2. â””(°ᴥ°)┘ Anti-Aircraft Artillery; Surface to Air Missile Systems and Hybrid Air Defence Systems; Reconnaissance and Command AD Systems; Germany (DEU) Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz The Ostwind replaced the Wirbelwind before the end of 1944. Until ZSU gets AP-T removed - every german AA gun should have mandatory HVAP-T. Model: Munitionsschlepper Pz IV D/E Model: Munitionsschlepper Pz IV F Okay now back to the technical stuff: what I would suggest for implementation in the game is the Flakpanzer IV "Zerstörer 45", which is a new design of self-propelled anti-air vehicle. You are not logged in, the post has not been submitted. 31148 HASEGAWA 1/72 20MM FLAKPANZER IV WIRBELWIND, MT48. Action filled War Thunder skies and battlefields, German Vehicles, History, Model building, Online Games, ɳ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ɲ 12,56 EUR. livraison: + 1,57 EUR livraison . Dec 28, 2017 - German Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer (4x3 cm) AA Tank. Then i read something about them putting down the Zerstörer 45 … Flakpanzer IV Zerstörer 45. Due to war-time shortages, many German divisions required anti-air support. Vers la fin de Deuxième Guerre mondiale, l'aviation alliée domine les cieux en Europe. :good: Was away at Uni so I couldnt fix it. Hierzu wurde der Motor in die Mitte d… your own Pins on Pinterest By 10th +1 from me, I support it! Remind me to leave that comment each time someone posts images with hammer and sickle. Muzzle velocity was 860-940 m/sec, paired with a high degree of accuracy. Lists of Military Equipment used in Czechoslovakia / CZ / SK, Armament, Weapon Systems, Equipment and Accessories, Military parades, airshows and renactment, Deployment of German small armored combat groups on the example of Panzer-Brigade 101, Sd.Kfz.251 (OPp 3t N) in the Czechoslovak army, Flakpanzerwagen IV (3cm Flak 103/38-Vierling) "Zerstörer 45", Maybach HL 120 TRM (vodou chladený 12-valec objemu 11.867 cm3), Maybach HL 120 TRM (V12, water cooled, 11.867 ccm), Walter J. Spielberger - Panzer IV & its Variants, vydavateľstvo Schiffer Publishing Ltd., rok vydania 1993, ISBN: 0-88740-515-0. Livraison gratuite . Feb 2, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by David Michalski. So why not suggest it anyways. You should consider yourself very lucky marines! Feb 26, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Andrew Burrows. The Flakvierling 103/38 utilized 4 MK 103 guns. Aug 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Mateusz Dziedzic. The 3,7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell, Flakpanzer 341, also known as Flakpanzer V Coelian, is a rank IV German SPAA with a battle rating of 6.7 (AB/RB/SB). Doing some research on Wehrmacht Flakpanzers, I came across this nice vehicle. Written permission must be obtained before any material published on domains valka.cz or armedconflicts.com is reproduced or shared or hosted or used (including the data storage in databases) in any way. Flakpanzer is a German term for "anti-aircraft tanks" ("flak" is derived from Flugabwehrkanone, literally "aircraft defence cannon"; "panzer" is derived from Panzerkampfwagen, literally "armored fighting vehicle").These vehicles are modified tanks whose armament was intended to engage aircraft, rather than targets on the ground. We had sticks. Powered by Invision Community. 40,21 EUR. :crazy: (PS: Still searching for good sources for the Zerstörer. (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃â”�☆゚. This would be good, but PLEASE no HVAP ammo for this... one Kugelblitz is enough, 4x Mk103 nooo no no noooo... no more tank killer AAA bullshit please... give it HEF/AP-I ammo and it will be awesome! Can anyone say overkill? Weitere Ideen zu panzer, ostwind, wehrmacht. Flakpanzer mit 3cm Flakvierling 103/38 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen IV ... IV Wirbelwind sont assemblés ; mais , faute de temps, la production en série de celui qui est désormais surnommé Zerstörer 45 ne suit pas. As the Luftwaffe (German air force) lost control over the skies over Europe in the second half of the Second World War, it could no longer provide sufficient protection for the German ground forces against Allied and Soviet aircraft.